Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1975 Australian constitutional crisis

I don't mean to demean other countries' great political crises, but damn Australia? Couldn't you have thought of a more interesting one? Maybe a break-in at some Melbourne hotel or a body found on the ranch of the Prime Minister? Now those would have been interesting. Instead, we have this one, which takes four long paragraphs just to summarize. Words like "appropriation bills," "disabuse," and "double dissolution" are thrown around with abandon, and that's before all the casual vacancies.

You don't expect an American to actually follow all of this, do you Australia?

Anyway, basically many Australians were upset that the Governor-General, the UK's representative in Australia, dismissed and appointed a new government. How could their supposedly-independent nation still be taking orders from the Queen? It was all very suspect.

1975 Australian constitutional crisis

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